Falcon B2B Market Place

What is Falcon B2B Market Place?

Falcon Association Management System is the most dynamic B2B Market Place that is gaining strength and popularity in some of the major countries in the world. Falcon AMS is strengthening and transforming every trade association by giving them their own and independent Business Exchange Platform. The system has been designed to benefit all the trade bodies irrespective of their geographical location. Moreover the system also provides equal opportunity to all the members to strengthen their web presence and to boost their marketing along with providing them equal chance to get connected by their relevant buyers/sellers while protecting their privacy. In a nutshell, the basic concept is providing every organization, its members and visitors alike a modern B2B Market Place with maximum ease of operation in every aspect.

Falcon B2B Market Place has its unique and special benefits for every stake holder.



My Falcon Eye

My Falcon Eye has been designed to strengthen the business operations and global networking of every association and its members. This is one of the very initial steps towards #Digital Pakistan that begin its journey way before in 2009.


The Idea of bringing digital global representation of different associations and manufacturing sectors in Pakistan was originated by Mr. Mashood Ali Khan (Former Chairman PAAPAM) & Mr. Zain Shariq in 2009. With extensive research and support from Mr. Muzzammil Hussain (Secretary General TMA) and Mr Iqbal Kidwai (Secretary General PCMA), the thought grew and expanded. Mr. Nabeel Bin Tariq Siddiqui (Managing Director-Petrol Solution – CTO of My Falcon Eye) along with his team, set to establish a product which will comply with the modern global trade requirement. Intense test and trial procedures were established to comply with international standards and benchmarks. It was a challenging journey that took almost 9 years to understand the challenges and complete functionalities of all the associations working in Pakistan.


My Falcon Eye was firstly deployed at PAAPAM as beta version. After that there was no stopping and the system was later acknowledged by Mr. Feroze Alam Lari (Former Chairman TMA) along with Mr. Muzammil Hussain (Secretary General TMA). Soon Pakistan Chemical Manufacturer’s Association PCMA and Pakistan Readymade Garments & Exporters Association PRGMEA followed suit. Currently Team Flacon is aggressively working on the complete system structuring at Pakistan Hosiery Manufactures & Exporters Association, & Pakistan Knitwear and Sweaters Exporters Association.


Historically there has been a substantive gap between association and its members when we talk in terms of business generation and projection of the industry as a whole. Through My Falcon Eye any association would be able to provide effective global presence and business generation for their members. It is a modern distributed resource system through which any member can strengthen their profile and can explore potential synergistic opportunities. The system also embeds a search engine called “Falcon Eye” which is the first ever precise industrial search engine globally of its kind.

Today, My Falcon Eye claims that their system is unique and globally no other trade association has any such solution in terms of operations, search and member facilitation. that enable any trade body to have completely automated and paperless operations and create a market place more precise than baba. The core competitor of the product is Ali Baba and google Search.


At Ali Baba, visitors can hardly differentiate between traders and tier 1 manufacturers. And google does not provide the technological/machine search as precise as My Falcon Search.


Falcon AMS is surely a breath of fresh air for Pakistan in today’s modern economic structure. The system has been completely developed within Pakistan by some of the most talented human resource of the country. The system will surely lay the foundation of applying modern techniques of doing business. At a macroeconomic level, My Falcon Eye will play a drastic role in increasing Pakistan’s exports, trade surplus, foreign direct investments and foreign currency reserves.


My Falcon Eye aim to serve over 10,000 large enterprises and 10 million small businesses over the next couple of years.

  1. A complete dynamic and user friendly association management system and b2b Market Place with zero cost for the trade bodies.
  2. As soon as a trade body signs the MOU, their liabilities will convert into profitability as we don’t charge for web Hosting, high end web portal development or maintenance.
  3. Increase web traffic and strong member connectivity.
  4. Trade body will gain more strength and penetration after opting Falcon without risking anything.