1. Register Now:
1. If you are a registered Member and have not yet registered your company's Profile on Falcon AMS then kindly click on the Register tab.

2. Login:
If you have already registered kindly login by clicking on the Login tab and provide your email and password.


3. Company:
Please select your company name from the drop down menu. Exclusively for members only.

4. Passcode:
Kindly enter the passcode provided in the Falcon-Eye B2B Exchange Gateway email you recieved. This passcode is valid for one time use only.

5. Submit:
Submit now.

6. For Support:
If you have not received your passcode, Click to generate ticket.

7. Visitor Registration:
If you are a visitor, buyer or are not a member, please Apply Now on the Visitor's tab.


8. Login Email:
Kindly insert the email ID you wish to keep as your login ID.

9. Password:
Enter a password which will be required everytime you login to your Falcon Profile. The passsword should be at least 8 digits long with numbers and alphabets.

10. Confirm Password:
Kindly revalidate your password.

11. Submit:
Submit now.

12. For Support:
If you already have an account and incase you forgot your password Click for support.


13. Contact Directory:
Here you have to provide all the required data.

14. Same as Above
Incase any department does not exist in your organization, then you can call from the above filled top management and can repeat a name and number in more than one department.

These details are necessary to be filled for your as well as the association's convenience so that all the departments could be contacted for their specific concerns.

Top management will only be contacted if and when needed.

15. Save:
Click to save.

The page that you now see before you is the Home Page of your Profile.

16. Logo:
Kindly download your Company's Logo so that your company can show in the premium members list.

17. Banner
Insert a good quality banner for better appearance of your profile.

18. Edit Profile:
To edit your login credentials, general accounts settings and to insert your social media links.

19. Help:
You have been provided with a set of quick links for your assistance on every page. Click to get quick tips for the page.

20. Support Ticket:
For any further support, kindly generate your ticket here. Our customer support team will contact you.

21. User Guide:
Click here to visit the complete user guide.

22. Message Center:
Click here to access your message center.

Message Center You are provided with a spam free, one of a kind message center, where the association will be coordinating with you in near future. Moreover you will be able to receive authentic business related queries as well.

We simplified the message center for you by dividing your messages in three sections.

23. Primary:
In this section you will receive the messages from your Association and team Falcon only.

24. Verified:
Here you will receive the queries of registered buyers, registered visitors and other association's members who are already a part of falcon family.

25. Anonymous:
These are the messages sent by visitors who are not yet verified by the Falcon AMS system.

26. New Message:
Here you can send messages to your Assocation's Secretary General, Managing Committee, as well as any registered member of the association or registered buyer you like to coordinate with. You can easily select the person you wish to message from the Members List.

27. Member List:
Click on members to choose a member.

28. Member Type:
click on the member list and choose a type of member from the drop down.

29. Show:
You can select the number of members you wish to see at a time.

30. Search:
After selecting a member type, you can also search the member by the name.

31. Attachments:
You can also attach the links to the documents uploaded in the system's documents library you wish to share with others. In case if the document/s you need to attach is not present in the library then kindly upload it in the library first so that you can attach it to the mails.

32. Send:
Click send to proceed.

Kindly place a high quality image to further modify your profile.

34. About:
Insert your business details. Such as your company's history, the nature of your business, Address, add a general contact number for the visitors, email ID, and fax number, google map address etc. The information provided here will be viewable for the public.

35. More Addresses:
You can add more addresses and contact information.

36. Save:
Kindly save the provided information.

37. Company Keywords:
Insert your Company variant Keywords to gauge effective presence over the web, i.e all possible keywords that will make your company more visible in different search engines.

38. Services Keywords:
Provide the keywords of the services you provide to make your profile more search engine optimized.

39. Business Sectors Keywords:
Let the search engine know which sectors you serve by adding your business sector keywords here.

40. Certifications/Memberships Keywords:
Please insert the keywords for the certifications and memberships you own (if any) to bring more targeted audience to your profile.

41. Submit:
Click to submit.


42. Contact Directory:
For updating any contact information you provided earlier.

43. Save:
Click to save provided information.


44. Services:
Here you can select your expert and value added services from the given gallery, and can add other if any service you provide is not given in the database.

You can also drag and drop the services to arrange them priority wise.

45. Title:
Insert a relevant title for your service.

46. Image:
Image insertion is necessary.

47. Meta Keywords:
Insert meta keywords to make your unique service searchable.

48. Description:
Describe your service.

49. Submit:
Click to submit.


50. Business Sectors:
Please reflect your expertise by selecting the business sectors you work for. You can select upto 5 specialised business sectors. Drag and drop the images to prioritize.

51. Add Sector:
You can also add a business sector.

52. Title:
Insert a relevant title.

53. Image:
Image insertion is necessary.

54. Meta Keywords:
Insert meta keywords to make your unique business sector searchable.

55. Description:
Describe your expertise in this business sector.

56. Submit:
Click to submit.


57. Profile Progress:
Here keep a track of your profile. The green sections shows the tabs that have been filled, whereas the red sections shows the information that needs to be filled.

58. Publish Your Profile:
Congratulations! You have completed 60% of your profile and can now publish it. But in order to better grab the attention of targeted market, kindly enrich and strengthen your profile by filling out the other tabs on the navigation bar.


59. News & Events:
To keep your customer updated about the latest news and development kindly click on add news and events tab.

60. Title:
Insert a relevant title.

61. Date:
Don’t forget to insert the date of the news/event.

62. Image:
Image insertion is necessary.

63. Description:
Describe the news/event.

64. Submit:
Click to submit.


65. Press Release:
Click to add press release.

66. Title:
Insert a title.

67. Date:
Release date is compulsory for submitting the press release.

68. Image:
Choose a high quality image from your system gallery.

69. Description:
Describe the press release.

70. Submit:
Click to submit.


71. Videos:
Add any documentary or promotional video that could show the company’s historical performance and future plans.


72. Video link:
Simply copy and paste the video link in the link box.

73. Submit:
Click to submit.


74. Certifications:
Add your local or your international certifications to show your company strength.


75. Title:
Insert the appropriate title for your certificates.

76. Image:
Insert the image of the certificate.

77. Submit:
Click to submit.


78. Awards & Achievements:
Cherish your Company’s historical achievements click on the add button and fill out the relevant fields to publish your corporation's achievements.


Add all your certifications to show your company's strength.

79. Title:
Insert the appropriate title for your certificates.

80. Image:
Insert the image of the certificate.

81. Submit:
Click to submit.


82. Customers:
Show your market penetration by showing your customers. Your will only require to add logos of your customers. To add a new customer click on the link below.


83. Title:
Add your customer name.

84. Image:
Click to choose an image and browse from your system.

85. Submit:
Click to submit.


Insert important files and documents that you want to show your customer. Click add downloads button to add a respective document.


87. Title:
Give your downloads an appropriate title.

88. Image:
Click to choose an image and browse from your system.

89. Submit:
Click to submit.