Trade Body (National Association/ International Association/International Business Forums).

A Systematic Structuring Creating a Business Impact! Falcon Eye B2B Market Place is the most innovative system to have ever been developed. In such a short span of time the system has been deployed at multiple local and international associations efficiently connecting them for better business potential. The system has been designed to benefit all the trade bodies be it national/ international associations, national/ international trade bodies, international business forums, and even for the Embassies. It has been formed to facilitate the objectives of trade bodies with respect to advocacy & protection of member’s rights. Moreover, first time ever, the system also provides equal opportunity to the members to reflect their marketing strength and to increase their marketing outreach. Falcon AMS Business Exchange Gateway is transforming the organizational bodies into a completely modern web based functionality.

Some of our macro benefits include:

  1. Automated procedure for membership renewal.
  2. A specially designed hustle free search engine only for documents for those who have loads of documents to upload.
  3. Updated and categorized data collection of members.
  4. A personalized, spam free message center for inter communication with the entire organization, its members and with the visitors alike.
  5. Distributed Resource System provides ease in updating any data or information by the members themselves. Thus it keeps the portal up to date.
  6. Organization’s own one of a kind search engine that provides all the relevant information of the members on one click.
  7. Complete marketing platform smartly showcasing a member’s strengths, products/services and providing a strong digital presence and searchability thus showcasing the association’s strength in general.
  8. The associations will have far better understanding of its members and their strengths
  9. An automated Search Engine Optimization Mechanism has been embedded in the system that will generate quantum of focused buyers.
  10. Falcon AMS would also be offering a Smart Application both for IOS and Android Users of the message center for quick and easy accessibility.
  11. One association alone is an association, but multiple associations connected together transforms into a synergy. Hence you will be better heard in policy crisis as well and will be able to better advocate your concerns on official level.
  12. Associations can have their fair share in saving the earth by creating a paperless environment once all their documentations, intercommunications, member details, membership renewals etc. are automated.
  13. Associations can keep their members informed by posting latest news and updates on the landing page. The updating process is made very easily accessible to the association.
  14. The Managing Committees can also have their personal message centers provided by Falcon AMS team on request. SO that the leading individuals of the organization can interact with all the members conveniently and effectively.

Associations and trade bodies that are already affiliated with us.

Please click on the relevant link if you wish to register your association/organization with Falcon AMS Business Exchange Gateway.

Manufacturers Trade Body
Service Providers Body
Multiple Criteria Body

There are no payment procedures attached to Falcon AMS so you will not be required to provide any credit card or bank detail

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